Sexy and care-free, Rachel just wants to party.  After a personal health trauma, Rachel has thrown caution to the winds deciding to partake in the risky world of all-night partying, illicit drug use, and forbidden sex. It was a chore to drag her politically attuned boyfriend, Branson, out into the cold night to attend an illegal rave party. She’s just so sick and tired of doing what he wants to do all the time. But Rachel’s new found independence not only threatens her relationship with Branson, it might also kill them both in the process.



Phillip would rather listen to classical music on his Walkman than shake his money maker to 150 beats per minute.  But he’s tired of being alone at night with his thoughts, and taking part in the illegal rave party scene might be his opportunity to let go.  Limping from an old injury, Philip just can’t make an impression on the dance floor.  But when the music stops and his fellow ravers need someone who isn’t clouded by petty hang-ups, Philip might be the single best hope for getting out alive.


Clare just wants to fit in.  Stood up by her blind date to the rave, Clare can’t seem to relax on the thumping, pumping, throbbing dance floor.  After flirting with and being blown off by some hot guys enjoying the debaucherous evening, she finds herself a wallflower once again.  That’s Clare, a party and sex ingenue, but also a pint-sized martial artist, who may not be able to hold her liquor but who can drop you like a bad habit if pushed into a corner. Maybe taking DeadThirsty will get her in the game.  But to everyone’s horror, that game involves fighting for one’s life.



Branson did not vote for any of the three candidates for President of the United States in the 1992 election.  A student of political science, who is interested in what is right for America, Branson considered Perot, Clinton, and most importantly Bush to be globalists hell-bent on ushering in a dangerous new world order.  He cautions Rachel to open her eyes to the government overreach marked violently by the August 1992 tragedy in a place called Ruby Ridge.  But when Rachel convinces him to forget politics for an evening of heavy raving, Branson might not survive the party life.  DeadThirsty makes believers of anyone brave enough to ingest it.


An impulsive brute, Thomas is the kind of bully who can’t stand to let anyone else take control.  His frequent sexual conquests often last but one night, as his macho sex-appeal is inevitably revealed as boorish and juvenile. He’s a tough guy on the outside, but vulnerable and cowardly inside, constantly lashing out at those physically weaker around him in an effort to conceal his insecurity.  And when trapped in the DeadThirsty vice, Thomas’ worst traits might get him and everyone else killed.